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Come One, Come All

Updates from K.R. Wieland, Associate Editor

Welcome, welcome! Today I bring you news that is not for the faint of heart, but is sure to dazzle and delight. From the monstrously wicked to the calls of the crows, we at Quill & Crow have much to share. So, step right up!

In the most recent news, we have put together another volume of Crow Calls! Volume IV is adding even more talented poets and will be sure to keep you satisfied with all the dark poetry you could desire. Preorders are available now on our website as well as through Amazon.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor, the carnival has come to town! First off, if you haven’t yet read through our Dark Poet Society Blog, I highly recommend it. This month is, of course, a Carnival theme, featuring six poems from the Crows, including one from yours truly. The blog is always free to read and we love hearing your thoughts on them.

The Crow’s Quill Issue 10 is out as well for your perusal. This issue features four fantastically dark carnival tales and two poems. Throughout the pages you’ll find sneak peeks to stories from our newest anthology as well. This is also free to read each month, but if you want to support the magazine and help us keep it going, you can find the link to our Buy Me A Coffee page on our website.

Marvelous Wonders! Wondrous Marvels! Come one, come all to the Carnival Macabre. We can’t wait for you to read these stories we have loved so much. This anthology is a must for those who love the Gothic, the macabre, and anything horror--grab it now from our Crow Shop or from your favorite retailer.

As always, if you want to submit any stories to us, please check our submissions page. There you will find the themes and guidelines for our upcoming magazine issues–-next up is July’s theme of Gargoyles, as well as for our anthologies. We are still accepting stories for Brackish Harbor and Bleak Midwinter. Be sure to send those stories to the correct email so they don’t get lost to the abyss. All are always welcome to join in on Twitter or Instagram with our #CrowCall poetry prompts. So, step right and don’t be shy!

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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