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Carnival Evil

many fear the house of horrors:

props, masks, smoke, mirrors

evil rarely betrays its presence

waiting in unexpected places

a presence perceived

watching and knowing

it is coming

chill on the wind

stopped atop the Ferris Wheel

dark power in fluorescent lights

that flicker and go out.

subtle scent pervading everything

fries, popcorn, and cotton candy

unholy aromas linger

behind the façade, malicious intent

mischievous clowns’ eyes

abominations on public display

malevolent tones from the calliope

sinister voices calling you near

pernicious portents of woeful demise

not far now

invisible footsteps echo

terror births confusion

consuming energy, causing panic

an icy grasp upon a shoulder

soul stolen, devoured with

iniquitous intent

carnival evil possess you


2022 © Chuck Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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