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You live for the game

So long as you're in control

Marionette pain

Twisting to your rules

I watch you collect abandoned truths

Counterfeit to fit the ruse

A bet that you could never lose

Dealing a stacked deck of fools

Hate to break it to you, Michaelangelo

This prima donna has seen a show

Or two

Try to capture my entertainment

Feed on a new derangement

Love, that's what you call

A fallacy

Welcome to my carnevale

Mistress of forbidden fruits

Tickets at the door, don't run

Why, dear, you look a bit confused

Our world is somewhat Topsy Turvey

Realm of Wonder, Land of Youth

Hope that you're still having fun

When your loopholes knot a noose


2022 © Jordan Alyssa Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

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