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Broken Hearts & Twisted Love

Updates from Associate Editor, K. R. Wieland

Hello all!

We hope you are having a wonderful year so far. The month of February has finally arrived, and with that comes thoughts of love and devotion, but we at Quill & Crow have taken that idea a little further.

Our February issue of The Crow’s Quill is available for you to read on our website. The theme for this month is Twisted Love, featuring five stories and two poems that will chill your heart. Within the pages you’ll also find sneak peeks to the stories in our next anthology.

Eros & Thanatos: An Anthology of Death & Desire will be released on February 11th in paperback, hardcover, and e-book. You can still preorder your e-book copy now, and have it delivered on the release date. You won’t want to miss these twelve stories that explore the fine line between love and death, tugging at your heart strings and giving a new meaning to “until death do us part.”

For more reading material, please be sure to head to our Dark Poet Society Blog. We have just started it back up this month with the theme of Broken Hearts. Our Dark Poets have written some truly beautiful and heart wrenching poems, and we would love for you to read them and let us know your thoughts!

If you are still interested in sending us your Novel Submission for Quill & Crow to consider, please do so before Friday, February 11th. We will be working through all that we have received, and will have some full length novels coming your way soon!

For more information on submissions, whether it’s for novels, anthologies, or magazine issues, please go to our Submissions Page. Be sure to follow the guidelines and send your stories to the correct emails.

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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