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Birthdays, Submissions & The Crow's Quill

Updates from editor, K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

Did you know that Quill & Crow is now 2 years old? Surprise! We are so thrilled to celebrate being in this business and having the opportunity to work with so many amazing creatives. Thank you for your support; we appreciate you!

I cannot tell you how thrilled we are at Quill & Crow to announce that we have signed Rebecca Jones-Howe for her short story collection! We have had the privilege of sharing her work in various publications so far and are obvious fans. We are so excited to bring her unique, neo-Gothic collection to

you next summer.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have pushed back the deadline for our Rituals & Grimoires anthology to October 1st. For this anthology, we want to take back the wizarding world and remake it. Send us dark fiction that invokes the nefarious spirit of the dark wizard. We’d love to see diverse characters, male witches, and stories that turn tired tropes right on their heads. Gives us haunted corridors, wayward spellcasters, and secret societies. Please, give us tales that explore the mortal grays in witchcraft. For more of what we are and are not looking for, as well as how to submit, check our submission page.

Somehow, the end of the month is drawing near, and with it comes a new round of poetry from our Dark Poets. The Dark Poet Society Blog will be out on the 31st of August, filled with nightmarish poems. I will be eagerly awaiting this month’s blog as I so enjoy reading the poetry that these amazing individuals write!

As we head into September, the first of the month brings a new issue of The Crow’s Quill, meaning you’ll have a ton of reading material soon, but will you be able to stop yourself from reading it all in one night? I doubt it. With this month’s theme of Thrones of Blood, these stories will have you begging for more! I have been looking forward to this issue and these stories have not disappointed (then again, I’m never disappointed by the stories in our mag). Also look out for some very special news about our literary magazine, coming soon!

If you are still looking to submit to our anthology, Bleak Midwinter, you are in luck! The deadline is September 13th, so make sure you get those stories polished and sent over. For other opportunities to submit to us, check our submissions page. We have themes up through the end of the year for The Crow’s Quill. Be sure to participate in our #CrowCalls poetry prompts on Twitter and Instagram and tag us so we can send you all the encouragement!

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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