Congratulations on your completed manuscript! Before you continue on, please familiarize yourself with the querying process and what publishing with a small press entails. While Quill & Crow follows a traditional method of publishing, there are differences between larger presses and smaller ones. We've included a few helpful links at the bottom of this page for your convenience. Happy querying! 


Submission Requirements

Please note that we prefer novels written with upmarket/literary style prose. You can familiarize yourself with our preferences by checking out any of our anthologies or our free online literary magazine, The Crow's Quill. We also suggest visiting our What is Gothic Horror? page for more information about the genre.

We accept adult fiction in the following genres (and genre blends):

  • Gothic horror/fiction

  • Dark fantasy

  • Literary horror

  • Historical fiction (with dark elements)

  • Historical fantasy

  • Historical horror

  • High fantasy (with dark elements)

Things we are looking for: dark/macabre elements, Gothic themes, paranormal elements, deconstructed tropes, romantic subplots, interesting characters, unique spins on fairy tales/folk stories/mythology, alternate history, genre blends, evocative prose. We accept industry standard word counts for your genre.

Things we are not looking for: poetry collections, novellas, YA/NA, splatterpunk/shock horror, stories without dark elements, commercial prose, romcoms, thrillers, urban fantasy, or sci-fi. While we love historical fiction, contemporary stories will be considered if they maintain a dark, Gothic feel. *We DO NOT want stories that center around sexual assault or child abuse.


Please Note: Submissions that do not follow submission requirements will not be considered.

Please send us a query letter to the listed email address that includes:

  • Book Title

  • Genre/Subgenre

  • Word Count

  • Any comparison titles

  • A short biography

  • Publication history

Please attach a one page synopsis and the first 20 pages of your manuscript. Attachments should be in a Microsoft Word Document (.docx file) and follow standard MLA format (including title page with author name, word count, and email address) with a header (story title + page number.)  

Send to: acquisitions@quillandcrowpublishinghouse.com


Email: Query Letter + Two Attachments: Synopsis & First 20 Pages


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