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Explore dark fiction titles that blur genres. Boasting lush prose, intriguing storylines, and thoughtful ideas, we have a book for everyone.

All the Parts of the Soul

Catherine Fearns

It is the year 1545. When new rumors of witchcraft emerge from the isolated village of Satigny, John Calvin plucks a reclusive young magistrate to investigate. Henry Aubert was orphaned by plague at the age of twelve, and since then he has lived alone, consumed by fear and by the temptations he finds in the margins of his book collection. Now, for the first time, he is forced to confront the possibility of society, friendship, even love. Local healer Louise de Peney is kind and beautiful, but skirts dangerously close to the fringes of his investigation. Can he escape the horrific task he has been set? And is it too late to save a soul that has too long been turned in on itself?

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Blood Coven

Sabrina Voerman

Red only dreams of escaping her abusive home in her Silvanian village until a mysterious young woman invites her to join her coven. Just as she begins to seize her autonomy back by way of witchcraft, her devious father decides to sacrifice her to the Wolf–a legendary creature that has haunted their town for over four hundred years. Refusing to be a pawn in her father’s plan, Red uses her newfound strength and takes control of her destiny. Instead of succumbing to her fate, she wields it, and in the process, she unearths the true history of the Wolf, and the man he once was.

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The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses

L.V. Russell

When Theodora takes the job as governess to young Ottoline Thorne, she leaves behind her beloved grandmother and the decaying ruins of her childhood home to travel far north to Broken Oak Manor. There, she finds a house filled with secrets. Under the stern eye of the foreboding housekeeper, Theodora quickly navigates the dark and winding corridors of Broken Oak, only to find herself irrevocably drawn to the mysterious lord of the manor. But someone walks the hallways late after nightfall, their footsteps leading to the attic. The only place in the sprawling house that does not remain silent.

The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses ebook copy (1).jpg

Her Dark Enchantments

Rosalyn Briar

Myravelle Spinner grew up in a tower with only spiders, spindles, and stone walls for friends while her mother spun gold for the king. She wondered why her mother refused to teach her fairy magic until one fateful mistake led Myravelle to become the healer in the king’s Sleepy Wood Company. Drained from years of waking soldiers from a cursed sleep, Myravelle must now choose a new canvas–a man whose life she drains with a dagger to fuel her healing powers. 

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A series of short story collections by independent authors.

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My Little Black Book of Horror

Cassandra L. Thompson


"From psychotic ice cream vendors to fledgling schoolboy serial killers, Cassandra L. Thompson delivers a horror masterclass in this short story collection. Displaying a literary scope and depth that will dazzle readers, she has produced a deviously diverse body of work; beautiful and brutal in equal measure, they are underpinned by a dark intellect and visceral humor that will have you checking under your bed for months to come. Thompson is a serious talent on the indie horror writing scene, and this is just the beginning. Superb."

- Stephen Black, author of The Famine Witch 

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Ending in Ashes

Rebecca Jones Howe


"In time-hopping tales of lust, lunacy, and intrigue, Ending in Ashes burns bright with inspired storytelling. Rewinding from present day through a number of historical eras, Jones-Howe draws on the genre conventions of gothic romance and paranormal mystery to make a larger statement about the horrors of the patriarchy, though never at the expense of keeping us entertained. The stories sizzle, the writing dazzles. It’s a winning combo of deadly secrets, carnal thrills, and sharp social commentary that is sure to set your senses ablaze."

-Nathaniel Blackhelm, author of Little Black Crimes

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Crow Collections


by Cassandra L. Thompson

Before Twilight, Before Lestat, Before Dracula...

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