Protective plates attach delicately to fragile beds, strong only when the crimson force flows through the ventricles, creating braids of fibers winding and organizing the barrier that protects from the elements. Warriors slow with chill of an unnatural winter...they creep and crawl, crying out for warmth but find none. They create landscapes of gray, blue, black before ending their journeys in stillness. Shields crack and crumble. Tissues fray and rots. The earth feasts.


Today I punctured my chest,

I took a knife,

carved a hole as I haven't felt the throb

and I needed verification.

Releasing it from its confines,

palpating in my hand,

spouting out blood,

I watched astonished to find it in working order

once separated from its cage.

Marie Casey


The Depths

Standing at the waters edge

I wait in the darkness

Wondering if you'll come

The mist approaches

Wrapping its tendrils around me 

In a cool embrace

I welcome its icy fingers

As it has been so long

Since I've felt anything

A shiver down my spine

Goose flesh on my arms

And then I hear it

Your words on the wind

You beckon me to join you

How can I resist

Wading into the water

I let them carry me

Down to the depths with you.


Kayla Wieland

Hollow Bodies

Walking down this old dirt road

Hand in hand we travel

You may see us pass you by

But we won't acknowledge you

Our souls have left us

We cannot smile

And so we walk along

Following the trail ahead

Hollow bodies once united

Now, as good as dead.

Kayla Wieland



Can you hear them coming now

They're dancing on my grave again

They shout in whispers, tear asunder

Things beneath my skin

I can feel them hear tonight

Pry my lids and watch them stare

They cross to my bed, hold me closer

Than sleep ever did

Oh, oh

Ring my eyes, and drag me down

Oh, oh

Finding ways to make me drown

Oh, oh

If only I could dream up space

Oh, oh

Finally, I'd have a place

To rest

What am I and who are they

I'm still clawing at their sins

It's fractured, scattered bones in places

I can't see through skin

Over and over, same old faces

Ashen, empty, look what we've done

Should I writhe or lie awake

Contemplate till morning sun

Oh, oh

Ring my eyes, and drag me down

Oh, oh

Finding ways to make me drown

Oh, oh

If only I could dream up space

Oh, oh

Finally, I'd have a place

To rest

Make no mistake

Even when you lie awake

They'll track you down

Carve you out

Till you're hollow in the face 

Oh, oh

Ring my eyes, and drag me down

Oh, oh

Finding ways to make me drown

Oh, oh

If only I could dream up space

Oh, oh

Finally, I'd have a place

To rest

Make no mistake

I'd leave here today

And find a place to rest

The Songbird

If I was to call you a Nothing

Would you shake your head and tell me Something

Or close your eyes and whisper Always

I never know when you're looking at Nothing

If you're perhaps seeing Something

Or simply trying to get Away

Sometimes, I feel you there

A warm comfort at the back of my mind

Other times, you disappear

But there's a cold ache you leave behind

The tempestuous, selfish creature in the mirror

Shreds life between her fingers as she begs for her own

The vibrant songbird on her shoulder

Sits in its cage with eyes closed

Sing me a tune

That'll pick at heartstrings

So I'll known mine are not cut

Once, you flew

On those tattered wings

Now I rarely see you get up

Jordan Duncan


The Morrigan 


She wears death like an amulet around her neck. Letting her fingers delicately brush it’s surface as it lays gently on her porcelain sternum to remind her of its ever constant presence.

She welcomes decay like a soft woven blanket, wrapping herself in its embrace as she stokes the fire of passion in the hearth. 

She seals destruction with a kiss, leaving the deep burgundy creases of warm lips on unsuspecting lovers who tempt fate.

She stands tall like a raven perched high in the woods, gazing out proudly over the fall of man.


Artist Unknown


Vaz Anzai Collection

Our Hearts Divide

By your grave I surrender

Rainfall begins

The unearthing of your body

Pity for my sins.

You're just asleep beneath the glass

Now it's time

To justify your release

Forgive this selfish crime.

They whisked you away into the night

I trade my life to give you back light.

Arms crossed against me

CLose the eternal door

Use the time I've given you

I become dust beneath the moor.

I am yours, and with my last breath: "My blood is our love,

And I love you to death."


Tighten your corset

Whisper cute lies

You know you're to die for

My sweetest demise

Open your legs and I'll

Open your heart and you'll

Open my veins so that we

Can depart.

Bless my soul with promises of pain,

champagne and the profane.


Only this chance

Deciding my fate

Lust or romance

Which will be first?

Choose the wrong one

Might make it worse

I'm still undecided

Eyes so inviting

Skin up beside her

Eyes are a blur...

"I was given only a moment, 


Your jouissance I can assure."

"Not tonight, I appreciate your succour,"

I said. Always my own saboteur.

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