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Freud once theorized that human beings are subject to two drives: love (Eros) and death (Thanatos). While his psychoanalytic theory has long been expanded upon, no one can argue how fundamental love and death is to our existence. Within this collection are twelve stories that explore the fine line between these concepts. It also features a diverse group of authors whose often unheard voices tell stories of resilience, strength, and triumph through tragedy. Haunting as any Quill & Crow anthology, these stories seek to intrigue, inspire, and give a whole new meaning to "until death do us part."



Featuring Stories by 


Alexandria Baker, Megan Bontrager, Maddie Bowen-Smyth, Dan Dolan, A.L. Garcia, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Jeremy Megargee, Newton, Ashley Van Elswyk, Melanie Whitlock, Kayla Whittle & Perry Wolfecastle

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