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Welcome to 

Black Thoughts


Black Thoughts Editorial was founded by Stephen Black in November of 2022. Specializing in dark fantasy and Gothic horror, we offer editorial services such as developmental, copy, and line editing.

Editorial Services

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Developmental Edits

A developmental edit is a granular review of your manuscript focusing on plot progression, character development, thematic issues, and structural strength. We will identify and fix those pesky plot holes and character inconsistencies, ensuring that your story is the best it can possibly be. At the conclusion of our review, we will produce a detailed editorial report addressing the above matters, with suggestions as to how your story can be taken to the next level. 


Copy Edits

A copy edit looks at paragraph and sentence structure. We will help you with the pace and rhythm of your manuscript to ensure that the words flow and spark off the page to ensure your readers keep turning the pages. 


Line Edits

At line editing stage, we dive deeper into the manuscript addressing grammar and punctuation issues to ensure the finished product is a smooth, professional read. Don’t worry about that apocalyptic apostrophe or calamitous comma. We’ve got it covered. 

Our Team

Black Thoughts strives to provide the most personalized, communicative, and authentic experience while enhancing your work all in one. Meet the team below to get a glimpse at the editors behind the words.

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